Cats are part of our family. Explore useful information and how-to care tips regarding cat health, behaviour and more.

  • The Top 10 Cat Supplies For Your New Cat

    Your new cat has very specific needs, so be sure to stock up on the top 10 essential cat supplies that will make your little furry feline feel welcome.


  • Wondering How To Tell If Your Cat Has Fleas? Here Are 9 Signs

    No doubt, cats are probably one of the cleanest creatures on earth. If you’ve ever watched your cat groom, then you know it can do this for what seems like hours on end.


  • Armour Up Against Parasitic Worms In Cats

    Parasites are organisms that live on or inside your pet. Prevention of intestinal worm infection is essential to keeping your cat healthy.


  • Giving your cat a bath

    Most cats do not need to be washed with water since they do a great job licking themselves clean. But in the rare event you need to wash your cat, here are some helpful tips.


  • How Cats Get Fleas Indoors

    As far as fleas are concerned, your indoor cat is fair game. Just because your cat doesn’t romp through the wild doesn’t mean that your indoor cat won’t get cat fleas in your house. Cat fleas are the most common types of fleas found on cats, dogs, and wildlife. Many people think that their indoor…


  • Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me Every Night?

    If there is a cat sleeping in bed with you, here are just a few different scenarios to help you translate your cat’s actions into meaning.



  • 6 Diseases Ticks Can Spread In One Feeding

    Ticks are small, but the harm that they can spread to you, your dog, cat, and family is mighty. Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that often carry disease-causing bacteria and parasites. As a result, they transmit an array of different infections, sometimes simultaneously, into the bloodstream when they consume a meal. The transmission of tick-borne diseases…


  • A Mite-y Rough Situation

    Could your dog’s skin problems, possibly including incessant scratching and licking, be something more than allergies? If your pup is losing fur, scratching like crazy, perhaps showing reddened areas of skin, and you can’t find any fleas, then it could be one of several skin diseases called “Mange.” Mange occurs when the skin is infested…


  • Is There a Hidden Parasite Lurking in Your Pet’s Intestine?

    If you’ve ever traveled or gone camping and have come down with a nasty case of diarrhea, there is a chance you contracted a common intestinal infection known as Giardia. This same infection is also common in your pets. But before you reach for any over-the-counter remedies, there are some important facts you should know…