The latest information and tips on how to train and socialize cats so that they can become part of your family with ease.

  • Giving your cat a bath

    Most cats do not need to be washed with water since they do a great job licking themselves clean. But in the rare event you need to wash your cat, here are some helpful tips.


  • Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me Every Night?

    If there is a cat sleeping in bed with you, here are just a few different scenarios to help you translate your cat’s actions into meaning.


  • Stress in cats is a very real problem, could your cat be affected?

    There are many reasons your cat might suffer from stress. Feline stress is a disorder that can cause behavioral problems, making it difficult to live with our pets.


  • 10 Amazing Facts About Your Cat

    Cats are so much more than just a cuddly ball of fur. They are also incredibly interesting. Here are ten fun cat facts that may surprise you.


  • The Basics of Cat Socialisation

    Why are some cats more comfortable in their surroundings while others are more skittish? Learn about cat socialisation and its importance in this article.


  • How To Train a Cat

    The domestic felines are often misjudged and misunderstood as being stubborn, unreliable and untrainable. Let’s focus on the myth that it is impossible to train a cat.



  • 6 Diseases Ticks Can Spread In One Feeding

    Ticks are small, but the harm that they can spread to you, your dog, cat, and family is mighty. Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that often carry disease-causing bacteria and parasites. As a result, they transmit an array of different infections, sometimes simultaneously, into the bloodstream when they consume a meal. The transmission of tick-borne diseases…


  • A Mite-y Rough Situation

    Could your dog’s skin problems, possibly including incessant scratching and licking, be something more than allergies? If your pup is losing fur, scratching like crazy, perhaps showing reddened areas of skin, and you can’t find any fleas, then it could be one of several skin diseases called “Mange.” Mange occurs when the skin is infested…


  • Is There a Hidden Parasite Lurking in Your Pet’s Intestine?

    If you’ve ever traveled or gone camping and have come down with a nasty case of diarrhea, there is a chance you contracted a common intestinal infection known as Giardia. This same infection is also common in your pets. But before you reach for any over-the-counter remedies, there are some important facts you should know…