One family one health

At MSD Animal Health we believe we have a social responsibility to each other that extends beyond the confines of humanity. It extends to the health and welfare of all beings— whether they have two legs or four, whether they have arms or wings, whether they talk, bark, meow or sing—and to the planet on which they live. 

We are devoted to improving life, knowing that animals, humans and the environment are all inextricably linked. To us, your dog represents all dogs, your cat, all cats, your family, all families, just as your world is this world, we are family. Our team, Intergovernmental Veterinary Health, is dedicated to improving animal health and welfare across the globe because when we respect life, we advance the health and well-being of the planet. 

We do so much more than provide vaccines. We travel the world to share education, insight, knowledge, and medicine. We educate children in places like Malawi and Haiti, so they understand how to have positive relationships with dogs. We engage with smallholder farmers in Tanzania to understand their needs and help them improve the health of the livestock so they can have food security for their family. We develop and utilise innovative technology so that communities in need of free vaccinations can receive them. 

This is who we are because we understand the impact of delivering solutions that work. We know that all life is worth fighting for, and protecting the environment is essential for our future. Our 20+ year commitment to eradicate rabies and our ongoing research and focus on zoonotic diseases that typically impact the poorest people in the world such as Foot and Mouth Disease and Peste des Petits Ruminants is proof in our belief that we can and will continue to improve lives and protect the environment. It’s our mission. 

One Family. One Health.

Mission Rabies tour in Malawi

For over 20 years, MSD Animal Health has been committed to ensuring that even the poorest countries in the world have access to essential animal vaccines.


Trying To Take The Bite Out Of Rabies, One Day At A Time

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