#NoAbbandono (No to Abandonment) is the hashtag with which MSD Animal Health Italy has been making its voice heard against the abandonment of pets for the sixth year in a row.

July 2019 – MSD Animal Health has launched its #NoAbbandono campaign for the sixth year in a row, taking a firm stand against the phenomenon of animal abandonment and stray dogs, in order to raise awareness of this burning issue and help combat the problem.

For years, the company has been at the forefront of raising public awareness of this shameful practice, not only because of its cruelty and illegal status but also because of the serious health consequences associated with it: a stray cat or dog not undergoing health treatments cannot defend itself from fleas, ticks and sand-flies, all transmitters of various dangerous diseases (also zoonosis, that is, diseases that can be transmitted to humans) including Leishmania. Luckily we do not have this disease in South Africa but did you know, sand-flies can sting an infected dog and then infect other dogs with their sting. The more infected dogs, the greater the danger of Leishmania spreading, putting the health of many other dogs and humans at risk.

The initiative aims to help fight the phenomenon of stray dogs, starting from the awareness that adopting a four-legged friend is a responsible act of love. Welcoming a puppy means expanding your family, and summer vacation should be a time enjoyed together by all, including furry friends. If you are looking to get a new family member please consider adopting a pet to give him a forever home.