A Paw In The Family

How do you welcome a new four-legged friend into the family? How do you take care of them? The adoption of a pet is an important choice and involves considerable responsibility. This, along with the recognition that children are tomorrow’s pet parent, gave birth to the educational project “A Paw in the Family”. Run by the National Association of Italian Veterinary Doctors (ANMVI) with support from MSD Animal Health, the initiative is completely cost-free for schools that want to join.

Since January 2019, the project has traveled all over Italy, visiting over 230 elementary schools thanks to the contributions of over 200 ANMVI vets. Over 13,000 pupils were exposed to important concepts around pet ownership, all lathering up to the important notion that taking care of others makes us better humans.

Now, both partners are proud to launch Unazampainfamiglia.it, the website designed to amplify the project and reach all the children of Italy and their families, teaching little ones how to responsibly welcome a pet into their home.

Easily accessible and with a simple and intuitive design, the website is designed primarily for children but also for their moms and dads: a fun, digital and interactive tool to teach through fun and games on how to become responsible pet parents.

The educational initiative “A Paw in the Family”, together with this digital project, consolidates the commitment of MSD Animal Health to providing information tools and awareness on the health and welfare of animals. The goal is to talk to the “adults of tomorrow” and explain to them while having fun, what is the correct way to take care of a pet, and how this gesture represents an important and responsible choice.